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Myth or Reality only crazy people go to psychotherapy

A funny thing happens when I tell people I am a therapist. Responses range from “I’ll have to be careful around you” to “So you have me all figured out”. More often than not I get the question “You must see a lot of crazy people”. Although psychotherapy, or ‘talk therapy’ as it is also referred to, has been around since the Greeks and the Romans in the 4th century BC, there is still a stigma on this topic. And funny enough, this always surprises me. Continue Reading...


Prepare Yourself for Summer

Spring is in the air. Finally! After a long and cold winter, the snow is melting and joggers are showing themselves on the ice-free pavement. Isn’t it great that soon the weather will be warm enough to wear something other than long sweaters and track pants? But wait, after a winter hibernation period all those hot chocolates and mashed potato dinners will have added an extra layer that does not fit into those summer shorts. Continue Reading...


What Not to Say to Someone Who is Depressed

Yes there are things to say and things you should absolutely avoid saying to someone who is depressed. In fact, by saying the wrong things you can potentially jeopardize their road to recovery. Mental health is still an underestimated and misunderstood aspect of being human. There are the “Let’s talk” days sponsored by Bell, and the “Mental Health Awareness Month”. But knowing that mental health exists is not the same as knowing how to help someone with a mental health illness. Continue Reading...


How to work with your fears

As a therapist, I have worked with quite a few people struggling with fears, or phobias. I’ve had people with common fears, as a fear of spiders, elevators, and driving on the highway. I’ve also worked with people with less common fears, such as fears for dirty hampers, and a fear of fallen leaves (which was especially challenging in fall!) Continue Reading...

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