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We're In Burlington, ON

‚ÄčOur office is located conveniently in downtown Burlington, Ontario.  There is easy access from the highway and we have ample space for client parking. Our clients travel from surrounding areas including Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, Waterdown, Dundas, Stoney Creek, Mississauga, Grimsby and Ancaster and St. Catherines.

Who Do We Treat?

We help clients recover from emotional struggles, rebuild lives, move forward, and renew how they see themselves. Clients arrive with different mental health needs such as those related to trauma, PTSD, anxiety, grief, depression, stress, general sense of stuckness, relationship & work issues, life-transitions, low self-esteem or confidence, and anger.

Who Are Our Therapists?

At PMP, our therapists are carefully chosen for experience and expertise with psychotherapy and mental health topics. All our therapists are Registered Psychotherapists and can help create lasting, positive changes and the motivation required to take charge of your personal life journey.

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We encourage you to use this opportunity to discover how we can help. Click the button below for a free initial phone consultation. During the call we'll discuss if and how we can help you improve life. You have nothing to lose and, under our care, potentially so very much to gain.
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Private Matters Therapists

Burlington mental health

Meet Marleen

Private Matters PsychotherapyMarleen Filimon - Psychotherapist, Burling, Ontario
PTSD/Trauma, Anxiety, Grief
EMDR, ACT, Mindfulness-Based
Marleen's Bio

Meet Jessica

pmp dividerJessica Armstrong - Psychotherapist, Burling, Ontario
Anxiety, Life Transitions, Grief
ACT, Mindfulness Therapy, EFT
Jessica's Bio

Meet Nicole

pmp dividerNicole Bruccoleri - Psychotherapist, Burling, Ontario
Mood Disorders, Addictions, Trauma
Nicole's Bio

Meet Genevieve

pmp divider
Grief, Relationships, Stress
ACT, CBT, Mindfulness-Based
Genevieve's Bio

Meet Cydney

Private Matters PsychotherapyCydney Lebovitz, Psychotherapist, Burlington Ontario
Life Transition, Relationships
Cydney's Bio

Meet Silvia

pmp dividerSilvia Rodriguez, Psychotherapy Intern, Burlington Ontario
Anxiety, Stress, Coping Skills
ACT, Mindfulness-Based, CBT
Silvia's Bio

Meet Lola

pmp dividerLola Edwards - Psychotherapist, Burlington, Ontario
Anxiety, Grief, Trauma
EFT, CBT, Narrative Therapy
Lola's Bio

Meet Lenka

pmp dividerLenka Smith Psychotherapist, Burlington, Ontario
Anxiety, Depression, Trauma
Narrative Therapy, DBT, CBT
Lenka's Bio

You're In Safe Hands

Burlington mental health
Many years in practice has allowed us to build a set of core competencies that we confidently use to help our clients move forward in life.  No story is too shocking, no history too strange. We have a wide experience of the devastating effects trauma has on everyday life.  Allow us help you deal with whatever troubles you. 

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Burlington mental health
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