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Couples Counselling

Last Updated : 19-Aug-2023

What Is Couples Counselling?

Relationships are hard work. Couples counselling is a way that you and your partner can work through challenges and develop effective tools to improve your relationship with the help of a non-judgemental third party. A therapist can work as a guide for you and your partner to encourage communication, the expression of needs, and changes to improve the well-being of your relationship.

Who Is Couples Counselling For?

Couples counselling is for anyone hoping to improve their relationships. Our culturally responsive therapists understand that relationships come in all different shapes and sizes. We reject the societal expectation that all relationships fit into the hetero-normative traditional box and our therapists respect all expressions of love. It is important that you and your partner(s) come to therapy as you are.

What Issues Can Couples Counselling Help Address?

Couples counselling can help address a range of issues that you and your partner may be experiencing. Some issues include (but are not limited to):

  • communication
  • co-parenting
  • working through infidelity
  • life transitions
  • conflict with decision making
  • managing blending families
  • cultural differences
  • trust building
  • contribution of dynamics from the family of origin
  • feeling disconnected
  • intimacy issues
  • working through emotional injuries
  • managing differences in value systems

What To Expect?

In couples counselling, your therapist’s goal is to develop an understanding of both you and your partner as individuals and how the two of you work within the relationship. All three parties within the couples counselling dynamic work together to develop a plan for how to overcome relational roadblocks and work through issues. The goals for couples counselling are decided on by everyone. Clear communication within the therapeutic relationship is the first step to learning how to communicate within the couple’s relationship. Either you, your partner or your therapist may find it beneficial to have some one-on-one sessions. Couples counselling may involve seeing your therapist individually. Clear and honest communication does not end here. Your therapist communicates this expectation by having a no-secrets policy. You are encouraged to bring issues from any individual sessions to the couple’s session to work through together.

Is The Cost Different?

No. We offer couples counselling for the same rate as individual sessions. You and your partner have the opportunity to see a therapist together for the same price as seeing one individually.

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